The Dog Ate My Care Plan…

Just a mom/wife/nursing student extraordinaire trying to make it in the big bad city…


Okay so the dog didn’t really eat my care plan. Actually I don’t even have a dog—I have a white cat named Marshmallow (wonder how we ever came up with that name??…). It’s just a nursing twist on the frequently tried (and sometimes true) excuse and an example of how “sh!t happens”—especially in my universe.

So welcome to my blog! It’s my first so please bear with me. Here I’ll be chronicling my journey through nursing school—which if you haven’t heard already is no cakewalk. In addition to my pilgrimage through endless studying, sleep deprivation, and the utter and total lack of a social life, I also plan to maintain my full-time job and my full-time household—which consists of my three children (four if you count my husband), and of course Marshmallow. So while my primary goal is to have a place to share my thoughts and feelings on nursing school and the drama that comes along with it, you will see some non-nursing content intermingled throughout.

Please feel free to contact me here and be sure to follow me on Twitter (@isntshelovlei).

Until then…

Peace Love and Coffee 🙂

“When you’re a nurse you know that every day you will touch a life or a life will touch yours.”  ~Author Unknown

6 Responses to “About”

  1. Cherish said

    Hey I will leave you ur first comment since I still love you even tho u went out with the kids without me

    • isntshelovlei said

      Actually, dear sister, you’re about my fourth comment (other than my own replies), LOL. But I still love you too 🙂

  2. Kirsten said

    Thanks for visiting and commenting over on my blog! I just read your “punk’d” post and have to say I feel for ya. Hoping the path you are about to take is the one that will lead you to fulfill your dreams…and like you said, it ain’t no cakewalk!!

    • isntshelovlei said

      Thanks for taking the time to write back. I know it’s going to be tough. I’m already starting to feel those not so warm fuzzies…I think the opposite of those are called cold pricklies??? Besides the normal stresses our program will now have to take regular HESI exams–I have have heard massive horror stories about those. But I’ve come too far and want it too much to just give up now…

  3. Brittany B. said

    Hi, love your blog! I actually ran across it looking for a careplan for a new mother. Im 21 just finished my LPN about to start on my RN. Your blog is awesome. Goodluck 😉

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