The Dog Ate My Care Plan…

Just a mom/wife/nursing student extraordinaire trying to make it in the big bad city…


These are websites and other resources that helped me along the way. I’ll periodically update this page when I come across something helpful. K? 🙂

The Auscultation Assistant ~ One thing that drove me nuts about Health Assessment was heart sounds and lung sounds. What exactly am I supposed to be hearing? How do I distinguish all those “extra” heart sounds from the normal ones? Sure I knew where to listen and I could read about what they were “supposed to” sound like in the book but it’s not quite the same. This site lets you hear what heart sounds, murmurs, and breath sounds really sound like BEFORE you go guestimating on a real patient.

Nursing Diagnostic Handbook: An Evidenced-Based Guide to Planning Care ~ MUST HAVE general care plan book. I cannot express how much quicker I was able to spit out care plans for clinicals with the help of this book. I have the 8th edition, but the 9th edition just came out in February 2010.

Nursing Central  ~ MUST-HAVE app for your iPhone/iPod Touch, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Palm or whatever smartphone you’re loyal too. This baby comes with Davis’s Drug Guide, Taber’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary, Diseases and Disorders: A Nursing Therapeutics Manual (think care plans on the go), and Davis’s Comprehensive Handbook of Laboratory and Diagnostics Tests with Nursing Implications. You’ll also have online access to all of them as well! All the essentials in the palm of your hand (or the monitor of your computer)—worth the price tag IMO.

ABG Tutorial ~ This is a nifty little site recommended by one of my clinical instructors to help with interpreting ABG (arterial blood gas) results. Besides the basics—acidosis vs. alkalosis and metabolic vs. respiratory—it also explains compensated vs. uncompensated which was something that my Foundations of Practice course seemed to have skipped over. The site also has case studies to help you practice.

Caring 4 You  ~ This site was passed on to me by one of my fellow nursing students and boasts FREE NCLEX review quizzes, exams, etc. The layout is a bit busy and distracting, but the site seems to be chock full of information. Note of caution, some of the resources linked to are not free.

50 Essential Sites for Free Nursing Care Plans ~ Enough said

Reference Point Software ~ For writing those pesky papers in APA format!

Davis’s Success Series ~ LOVE these books!! These really help you fill in the blanks that your regular textbook may leave you with. And it’s nice to see if you can answer questions from a source other than your own textbook to make sure you’ve got the concepts down. I also loved that there are rationales for both right AND wrong answers!! Each book is devoted to a specific subject: Fundamentals, Med-Surg, Pharmacology, Maternal and Newborn, Pediatric, Client Management and Leadership, and Psychiatric/Mental Health.

Dr. Paper ~ Another APA format software—this looks like a good one. Thanks Patricia!!

Pocket Prep ~ Free nursing practice exams—practice makes perfect people!! And it’s free!! They also have iPhone/iPad apps—you know I’m all about studying on the go…

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