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REVIEW: Cherokee Body Scrubs

Posted by isntshelovlei on April 14, 2012

So the folks over at, a retailer of nursing scrubs and nurse uniforms sent me these Cherokee scrubs from Cherokee’s Body collection to review.

My life is hectic enough so I’m usually a if-it-aint-broke-dont-fix-it type of girl. I’ve been wearing scrubs for years now and already have a particular brand that I like and usually wear, but I’m willing to try anything once (sometimes twice). So as biased as I might have been I was actually pleasantly surprised…

As soon as you put them on, you know these are not your run of the mill cheap-quality scrubs. At first glance, they’re cute/fashionable (I’m a girl so that’s important—don’t judge me), and sort of sporty. I like the material, sort of activewear-ish, made of a 64% polyester/33%cotton/3% combo. They’re soft with just the right amount of weight to them, almost like real pants—not like some of the other paper-thin scrubs I’ve unfortunately had the displeasure of wearing. I mean who wants to wear see-thru wallpaper all day? I know you’ve seen the nurses where you can see the big “PINK” written across their arse right through their scrubs—definitely not a good look.

I like the way the Cherokee Body scrubs are cut. They don’t have that unflattering boxy fit—after all, I’m a nurse with curves, not a SpongeBob character. I’m also a peds nurse, which means a lot of bending and squatting and whatnot to get down and work with the kids at their level. These scrubs were up to the task; they really move with you (and likewise allow you to move).

I usually wear size small scrubs, but order medium pants because it gives me a little more room to stuff the pockets full of goodies (I’m a big pocket fanatic—the more the merrier I am). I carry half of the med room and pyxis around in my pockets. The scrubs definitely passed my pocket requirement but the pants did end up being a little too big and I kept feeling like my arse was hanging out (it wasn’t) so I was constantly retying the drawstrings throughout the day, but that was probably my own fault.

Overall I was impressed with Cherokee’s Body scrubs—I might have to make some more room in my scrub closet…

3 Responses to “REVIEW: Cherokee Body Scrubs”

  1. Dana said

    Just found your blog and like it! And love in your review that you don’t want to wear see-through wallpaper pants…I SO get that!! I’ve worked in the PICU the past 7 years and have seen my fair share of this, unfortunately! Congrats on passing your NCLEX!

  2. Sarah said

    Very nice! My favorite place to get scrubs online is still though! 🙂

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