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My Strong Therapy

Posted by isntshelovlei on September 28, 2010

You know you’re into the meat of your nursing program when the concepts start to creep into your everyday life. You assess friends and familys’ vital signs…you are now a germaphobe and engage in scrupulous handwashing (and encourage others to do the same)…you might even use medical terminology in every day conversations (I’ve been known to say things like, “Well I do XYZ prn…” or complain that my son is “noncompliant” with some rule). One could imagine it would only be a matter of time (especially now that I am taking mental health/psych) before the therapeutic communication would begin to kick into auto-pilot.

I have three kids. It was the weekend and I was trying to study (of course) so I let them go outside so that I could have a smidgen of peace. My daughter comes back in the house huffing and puffing, eyebrows knitted. I sighed and put my books down. The conversation went a little like this…

ME: “What is the problem now?” (giving broad openings/open-ended question)

HER: “He thinks he’s the boss of me!!”

ME: “He thinks he’s the boss of you?” (reflecting/restating)

She nods.

ME: “He is only 11. Do you think he’s old enough to be anyone’s boss?” (voicing doubt)

She thinks it over for a minute (silence), then makes a face.

ME: “Well? Go on…” (general leads) 

HER: “No…but he still acts like he is…” she grumbles.

ME: “I know, sometimes big brothers are just difficult like that. But if you ignore him when he acts like that he won’t do it as much (supportive confrontation). Please stop fighting with your brother. If the two of you can’t get along, you will have to come back in the house (limit setting)…

Sufficiently unruffled, she goes back outside and all is well with the world.

Until next weekend…

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