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Pet Peeve: Cafeteria Cooties

Posted by isntshelovlei on December 19, 2010

Now that the semester’s over, it gives me a little more time to catch up on my blogging. 🙂

So, without further ado…something that I have noticed in the past month or so that really bugs me is surgical gowns/dress in the hospital cafeteria. I mean full garb—right down to the caps and shoe covers. What is up with that? Take that nonsense off before you go to your breakfast/lunch/dinner break. I can’t think of one reason why you would need or want to have that stuff on when you’re about to eat. If you just came from a procedure I’m sure that you don’t want any inconspicuous gunk migrating from your immaculate (I’m sure) gown onto your nicoise salad, and if you’re on your way to surgery I’m sure that your patient doesn’t want shredded lettuce falling from your sleeve into their open wound.

The whole point of surgical gowns is to reduce/eliminate the transfer of bacteria. Do you know how much bacteria one comes into contact with in a cafeteria? The reusable trays, the handles on the refrigerator cases, the exchange of money, the tables, hell even the food itself if it’s not cooked to the proper temperature…Not to mention all of the other sick people in there. Sheesh.

I know that in the health care we are forced to find creative ways to do more with less time (and I also understand that people gotta eat), but I don’t think salmon with a side of soiled linen is a viable solution.

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