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GUEST POST: The Warriors Guide to Landing Your First RN Job

Posted by isntshelovlei on October 15, 2011

This is a guest post by Caleb Christenson RN. He is a med-surg nurse living and working in southern California, read more tips from Caleb at A site dedicated to the success of you, the student and new grad nurse. Sign up for his newsletter to get exclusive material and resources.

It has been said that “war is hell.” Well, so is hunting for a job, especially your first nursing job.

Times are tough for new grad RN’s. Older nurses aren’t retiring and schools are pumping out new grads at an ever increasing rate. Google “nursing schools” and see how many career colleges and online programs are preparing nurses, in addition to traditional ADN and BSN programs.

So, as you prepare to graduate nursing school, It is crucial that you adopt a warriors mentality to land your first job. Cannons will be blazing in the form of endless rejection letters and you have to be prepared to win the fight (get hired). You won’t lose a leg, but you will probably get a headache.

Lets look some of a warriors traits and habits and apply the principles to landing a job.


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