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Final Semester–Locked and Loaded!

Posted by isntshelovlei on September 3, 2011 last call…the final destination…the season finale… finally here.

Can-you-believe-it? I wouldn’t if I didn’t have the battle scars (and the gray hairs) to prove it…

So—before classes started I trekked to campus and happily marched into the security office to purchase a parking permit. The parking guy asked me if I wanted a full year permit to which I answered no, it’d be my last semester. I am sure I sported a Cheshire grin.

Do you know this guy had the nerve to tell me not to be so cocky about finishing on time—not that he didn’t wish me well he added as an afterthought (um too late, don’t try to clean it up now). Just crush my hopes and dreams why don’t you?…

Of course—sh!t happens—and I plan on just about everything but that happening. So I internally bristled and thought to myself that if he wanted to spend the rest of his days in that 5 x 8 parking office then he was free to do so, but I was getting the heck out of there. Hmph. The nerve.

But I’m ready (or as ready as I can get anyway). All of my books (required and recommended) have arrived, binders are set up, chapter bookmarks are made, powerpoints are printed and hole-punched, and assignments/exams are loaded into iStudiez Pro. Let’s get it crackin’!

I even have the first week—though truncated thanks to Hurricane Irene—under my belt already.

And clinicals start this weekend!

Here we go again!…

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