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Life of a Bee

Posted by isntshelovlei on January 30, 2011

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So in case you couldn’t tell from the abrupt cessation of posts—spring classes have commenced. I’m already back on autopilot, buzzing from here to there, doing what I do. This semester is Med-Surg II (Chronic) and Nursing Research. Med-surg is a handful—all of the pathophys makes it very “science-y”…gives me A&P flashbacks. But I do appreciate that we get to use the same mammoth textbook for all three of our med-surg courses—that will definitely save me a few ducats. I also really like our professor. She moves really fast, but she’s thorough and will stop to explain things again or a little more in depth if you ask her to (we’ve come a long way from the default response to every question being “it’s in the book”). Nursing research on the other hand, the professor of which is a self-proclaimed “cynic by nature,” is thus far…you know what, I’m not even going to go there. Let’s just say it’s not my favorite subject and leave it at that. I guess I’m a doer, and there’s just no doing in that class. No interventions to learn, no pathophys to navigate through, just reading, and writing. And about what? It’s PAIN-FUL.

On the bright side I landed a really good clinical placement this semester—top hospital, magnet status, and no Nurse Nastys (knock on wood)!! I’m on a cardiac intermediate care unit (I had been dreading the possibility of another ortho unit) so the learning opportunities are endless. Last week I would have thought a VT Storm was a model of a sports car. We had orientation yesterday and today was our first day on the floor and it went pretty smoothly. 

But two weeks into the semester and I am already beyond tired (some of you may have noticed my sleep deprived tweets). The other day at work instead of answering the phone “Department X, IsntSheLovlei speaking” I almost said “Nursing Research, IsntSheLovlei speaking.” Talk about having school on the brain.

But I’m almost there (so they tell me), and just trying to keep it together. 319 more days of nursing school on the wall, 319 days of nursing school, take one down and pass it around…

One Response to “Life of a Bee”

  1. I can relate! I am counting down the days to graduation as well…come on December!

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