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Selected Shorts: The New Girl

Posted by isntshelovlei on January 4, 2011

One day early in my orientation I was answering all of the fifty phones that were ringing because we were playing the lets-train-the-new-girl-by-making-her-do-all-the-work-while-we-facebook-it-up game. I answer phones the way I would think anyone would, not only at a hospital, but at any place of business—in a pleasant voice, providing my name and the name of the department that the caller has reached. So one particular call happens to be a semi-personal call for another staff member. I asked the caller if he could hold a moment and went to retrieve the staff member. When she picks up the phone the caller asked her who I was, as I sounded “professional.” She responded with a chuckle, “Oh that’s IsntSheLovlei, she’s new…” as if my absurd and apparently unexpected behavior warranted some type of explanation!

My bad. I guess after you get past the interview and are comfortably on the payroll (and in the union), some people feel like they can drop the charade (I mean who’s not on their best behavior during an interview?). Maybe they would have preferred that I’d answered, “Yo yo yo…wassup?!?”

One Response to “Selected Shorts: The New Girl”

  1. I love the picture. Yup, unfortunately this happens much too often for my liking…..even when one is an experienced nurse….A professional presentation is always a must, especially in my line of nursing…..otherwise the public doesn’t trust you….

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