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Carpe Diem!

Posted by isntshelovlei on January 1, 2011

So what’s it gonna be this year? Lose weight…quit smoking…go back to school…fix your credit? Every year many people go through this ritualistic task of making up a list of new year’s resolutions, only to toss them to the wind by the second or third week of January. Then they wait until next year to try again. What ever happened to Aaliyah’s motto: “dust yourself off and try again?” And I mean, right now, not three hundred and some-odd days from now…

I’ve been working on taking better care of myself. That larger goal is made up of many smaller ones (sort of like a care plan) such as getting more sleep, taking my vitamins, and learning to say “no” when I’m overextended. That last one is a lot easier said than done. I am so many things to so many people—mother, wife, sister, friend—that I myself get lost in the sauce sometimes. Add school and work into the mix and you can have a recipe for disaster. But what can I say, I’m a work in progress…

But why do we need to wait for a new year to make these self improvements? Every day, every hour, every minute, every second, is a new opportunity to do or be better. Live in the moment. Carpe diem—seize the day!

“In today already walks tomorrow.” ~Friedrich von Schiller

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