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And Then There Were Three…

Posted by isntshelovlei on December 16, 2010

Finally!! Winter break is here. Thirty-four glorious days of care plan-free bliss. Final grades are up on Blackboard—I got an A in mental health/psychiatric nursing (thanks to getting a 102 on the final exam—gotta love those extra HESI points!), and to my chagrin I think I’m getting an A- in pediatrics. My final grade is a 92.83 so I’ll miss a solid A by 0.17 and I’m pretty sure she won’t round that up to a 93. Rounding?!? There’s no rounding in nursing school!! (in my Tom Hanks/Jimmy Dugan voice)…

But whatever, that’s four semesters down, three more to go—it’s all downhill from here—December 2011 here I come!!

Next up, Nursing Research (boo to 30-page papers!) and Med-Surg II…

Dec 21st update: 4.0 for the semester baby!

3 Responses to “And Then There Were Three…”

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  2. nurseXY said

    Nice job!

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