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She Shoots, She Scores

Posted by isntshelovlei on November 15, 2010

So I did my first straight cath (I told you I wasn’t going to be able to evade it two weekends in a row). It really wasn’t that bad. I just think that the whole sterile field thing, combined with the fact that we hadn’t done cathing in the lab (let alone on real human flesh) in over a year had me wigged out. You can study all the textbooks and watch all the skills videos you want, but in the end it’s nothing like doing the real thing. And I sure didn’t see the famous “wink” they talked about when they were teaching the skill in lab. But my clinical instructor is great. She’s really supportive and makes you feel comfortable even when you’re in there doing something for the first time and feel first-day-of-school-stupid. You realize that you know a lot more than you think you do and things just start to flow. Not so wet behind the ears after all…

One Response to “She Shoots, She Scores”

  1. L. Jennings said

    Had to laugh (in a good way!) at the student blogs. I totally agree with the dirty surgical scrubs etc in hospital cafeterias…many hospitals do NOT allow this at all, but it takes a strong administration to enforce it as some of the worst offenders are often the MD’s….

    As for catheterization! I’ve been an RN over 30 years (long enough that, yes, I started out in ALL white dress, support hose, shoes, etc…DO NOT let the Ivory tower types talk you, as a group, into going back to that!)
    You look DIRTY by the end of the day (if you are doing your job right) and climbing up, over, under, things….its just ridiculous in all white. That tradition comes from when all Nurses were also Nuns…we are bit past that era!
    A badge with lettering big enough for the average patient to read, and worn daily, is the answer to “who was that person?”

    But back to cathing….I hated it, feared it….felt embarrassed….I ended up however being able to cath anyone, anywhere, any time, including women in labor rolling around and NOT helping (understandably!) and my all time fave, in the OR where I’ve spent most of my career, the part where the MD who thought the surgery would last 45 minutes, now that its gone past 3 or more hours, tells you to catheterize the patient. Remember, the patient is covered in sterile drapes and his/her body is covered with various instruments too. So, VERY carefully, going up under the sterile drapes on hands and knees and attempting with moderate success to keep sterile technique, and remember too, its pretty dark under there….you have to manage to put in a foley or do the straight catheter. The surgery normally, unless its urgent, goes on hold while you do this, so you’re pressured to “hurry” as well! This is the sort of thing, for me, that when you do it successfully, and keep sterility maximized… feel like you ARE the patient’s advocate and protector which is, after all, what its’ all about!

    Good luck to you all!

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