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Pretty Please

Posted by isntshelovlei on October 28, 2010

Although peds and psych lectures both started back in August, the clinicals were broken up so that we did one at a time (I had psych clinical first). New rotations are usually preceded by a “clinical immersion” (think one-day clinical crash course); we just had one for peds this past Sunday.  But this weekend is the real deal—we’ll be starting another round of 12-hour shifts at our assigned hospitals, 630am to 630pm. Oy vey.

Most people know that I plan to specialize in pediatric nursing in one way shape or form after it’s all said and done—whether it’s pediatric intensive care, oncology, or maybe even palliative care. So since I began this journey over a year ago (wow, has it really been that long?), I have been looking forward to peds—I absolutely couldn’t wait to get here. This will be my sixth clinical rotation. I have fought my way through fundamentals, health assessment, maternity/OB, med-surg, and mental health to get to this point. After all of the running out the door at the butt crack of dawn with one eye open and mix-matched socks on, the Nurse Nastys and the Cindy Lou Whos, the stress and the hair loss I’ve had to endure to get this far, and even though I’ve been less than pleased with lecture portion of peds (and that exam last night was KIL-LER), I am praying that my peds clinical experience is all that I’ve hoped it would be.

So with that said…

I’m goin in, I’m goin in, I’m goin in, I’m goin in… (in my Lil Wayne voice)…

2 Responses to “Pretty Please”

  1. Jen said

    I hope you like your peds clinicals! I know exactly how you feel. I have taken so many classes that I wouldn’t have taken at all except I *think* I want to be a nurse. But how can I really be sure that I really will enjoy nursing before I experience any of the clinicals?

    • Katie said

      My first round of clinical was more a lesson of what I know I DON’T want to do. I had the great fortune to experience my first round on a med-surg floor at a prestigious hospital, which can be a bit overwhelming for the new nursing student. It had its ups and downs, pros and cons. Nursing School is its own kind of hell, but once you get to clinical and you can do some good and help people, it makes it all worth it. It’s hard to say who will like it, and who won’t. Each floor has different experiences, each hospital is unique. Clinic nursing has separate challenges, and then there is home health… the opportunities are endless. The fact remains, the undeniable, selfless desire to contribute positively to the medical community, to contribute positively to a person’s health and disease state, and to teach and educate the community for future disease prevention must be high on your list of “Why do I want to be a Nurse.” The rest will work itself all out.

      Good Luck!

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