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Another One Down

Posted by isntshelovlei on August 6, 2010

I survived summer semester. With two B+’s as final grades, it wasn’t my most stellar performance, but despite various things going wrong and additional hurdles (more like gauntlets) being thrown at me I still made it. I even did surprisingly well on my pharmacology HESI and earned six extra points on my final exam. Even with all of the stuffing and dumping apparently some of it actually did stick.

So for the next three weeks I will eat, drink (yes Starbucks—after all, I DO still have to go to work), sleep, and be merry.

Though there are no classes in session there are still many things I need to do to prepare for fall. I haven’t bought any of my textbooks yet as I’m still waiting on my tuition assistance to come through from the summer semester. Since it takes forever and a day for the whole financial aid drama to reconcile itself and for me to actually receive my refund check, I usually use the funds I get for the next semester. So I’ll use my summer semester refund (if it ever gets here) to buy my books, parking pass, and so on for my fall courses. My Amazon Prime membership will come in handy once I finally do decide to order my textbooks—they have lightning fast shipping for cheap. Students should join if they haven’t already—Amazon recently introduced Amazon Student where students get an Amazon Prime membership for FREE for one year (it usually costs $79/year). As most of you already know I refuse to pay the school bookstores’ crack prices and order all of my textbooks online— seems to have the most competitive prices plus you can’t beat their cheap, fast shipping. And yes that would be me you see in the school bookstore snapping pictures of the ISBN’s with my Evernote app…

Second, I am currently without a computer—that is a huge problem. Though my iPhone 4 is handy for a lot of things—Nursing Central, email, Blackboard, and a few rounds of Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja before an exam to reduce my test anxiety—it is not so useful for things such as making care plans (which of course need to be typed because “they’re just easier to read”—as if they really read them anyway…), writing papers in APA format, or doing case studies in Evolve. And I definitely plan to go Mac this time…

Next up, Peds and Mental Health…

4 Responses to “Another One Down”

  1. Mac was my plan for my new PC but, I just got the Sprint Evo. Not sure a droid will work well with the mac….more research needed. I discovered Dr. Paper last semester for my APA formatted papers …. loved it! Kid’s start school tomorrow & I will be out looking for a job! Thanks for sharing..hope your check gets in soon, you are an inspiration to many!

    • isntshelovlei said

      I’ve never heard of Dr. Paper…I’ll have to check that out–thanks for sharing! And good luck with your job search!!

      Sent from my iPhone 4

  2. nurseXY said

    Our bookstore has tried to rope us in by offering “packages” that include proprietary software we’re required to have. They are the only place it’s offered, or so they tell us. It’s a borderline monopoly…

    • isntshelovlei said

      From what I hear that is now “illegal.” They must make each part of the bundle available separately, which would yield separate ISBN’s, which you could now use to bargain shop.

      Matter of fact…I just might do a blog on this…

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