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Stuff and Dump

Posted by isntshelovlei on July 14, 2010

I’ve gotten to that point of the semester where I’m absolutely positively fried. It really feels like I’m just stuffing and dumping information now. Especially in pharmacology—we have four exams, the content doesn’t overlap, and the last exam (technically the final) is NOT cumulative (a rarity). So now that I’m studying the meds for Exam 3, I feel like what I learned for Exams 1 & 2 has already floated off to the Bermuda Triangle of my mind never to be seen again. And with the pharm HESI right around the corner (and you know I don’t take an opportunity for free/extra points lightly), that is so not a good thing. So I’m hoping that I really have retained some of this stuff, and that it’s just laying dormant somewhere in my hippocampus ready to spring into action…

July 23rd UPDATE: The pharm exam last night was beastly!! To add insult to injury, our professor told us that the class average for this particular exam is usually about a 73—but keep in mind that anything less than a 75 in my program is an F!! Now everyone gets to wait, obsessively checking Blackboard every few hours, to see if the grades are posted—and hoping that we passed!

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