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Lucy! I’m Home!

Posted by isntshelovlei on May 18, 2010

Nursing school—so we meet again…

So I have already accepted the fact that my summer is just going to…well…suck. Work, then class till 930 pm… clinicals Saturday AND Sunday… geriatrics (*shudders*)… No offense to those that love it, it’s just not my population. It reminds me of Fundamentals all over again—hip replacements and back surgeries; 98% of the floor on fall precautions… I would rather take another round of maternity over that. Oh well, such is life…

My Med-surg/Geri class starts tonight—but we didn’t even have an instructor assigned until yesterday! So the syllabus, book list, and first couple of lectures were just posted around 10:30 pm last night. Which of course leaves me plenty of time to buy 11 books (thankfully I already have 6 of them from previous classes), get them delivered (as if I would ever pay the school bookstore’s crack prices), and read the first few chapters for tonight’s lecture at 6pm (like that’s gonna happen). Excellent—we haven’t even started yet and we’re already behind…

The syllabus, though at 15 pages is one of the shorter ones I’ve seen, looks like one hell of a headache. Exams, quizzes, med math, check-offs…the works. And then Pharmacology, with all of its glorious attributes, starts on Thursday. I feel like that damn coyote dropped his anvil on me. Can’t… Breathe…

I am hoping though, that this is just beginning-of-the-semester jitters and I’ll somehow survive it all…

3 Responses to “Lucy! I’m Home!”

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  2. Laney said

    You can do it! But I’m with ya….Geriatrics=shudders

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