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Some Boo-boos You Can’t Kiss Away…

Posted by isntshelovlei on April 11, 2010

A lot of boo-boos and ouchies in clinical today. First, I had a postpartum mom with a fourth-degree episiotomy. She was postterm so of course the baby was big, and they “had to” use the vacuum to assist with the delivery (I’m not a big fan of vacuums and forceps and such). To me, the situation just screamed C-section, but hey what do I know? So for those not fluent in the language of OB, a fourth-degree is the most garbungular type of episiotomy you ever want to have. This cut goes not only through the skin (first degree), muscle (second degree), and rectal sphincter (third degree), but through the rectum as well. “Ouch” really does not even graze the surface. I’ve had a second-degree episiotomy myself and while I hardly noticed it compared to the “ring of fire” during birth, afterward it felt like I slid down a razor-blade-lined water slide and landed in a pool of lemon juice. So I could only imagine what my patient was going through. And those puppies take time to heal. Cold packs help reduce the swelling and pain; and sitz baths circulate (warm) water to the area increasing circulation which promotes healing. You have to be careful with sitz baths though; if you sit in that water too long (which is a breeding ground for bacteria) it increases the risk of infection–15 minutes per sitting is fine. Some women also find witch hazel pads (better known as Tucks) to be soothing.

Second, I got to see a circumcision performed. Let’s just say it made me want to go home and profusely apologize to my 10-year-old son. It just seemed like so much trauma for that little piece of skin they removed. However, the doc that performed it informed me that it “really wasn’t that traumatic for the baby.” Yeah, okay–if that helps you sleep better at night… She used the Mogen Clamp method, which I wasn’t familiar with though all of the methods look pretty unpleasant to say the least. For those of you that have the curiosity and the stomach, you can find a video of the procedure here. I will say I’m glad that the myth (or maybe it was just denial) that babies do not feel pain was finally debunked–it is obviously so not true.

5 Responses to “Some Boo-boos You Can’t Kiss Away…”

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  2. It is pretty unbelievable that doctors still say that the baby feels no pain. They also say that the baby boy only fusses because he is strapped down. There is a study that says a penile block is the most effective anesthetic for circumcision, but some doctors still only give the baby a suger-laden pacifier. Truly barbaric. I am glad I do not remember my circumcision, but I really wish I had been left intact.

    • isntshelovlei said

      This little guy was at least given a penile block/lidocaine. Even if he supposedly was not, I was traumatized for him…

  3. I remember seeing my first circumcision as a nursing student. The entire baby turned purple because he was screaming so much.. this was before penile blocks were routinely used.. needless to say my son is not circumcised. Years later I worked in the NICU and had to help with them occasionally.. I hated that!

  4. Ron Low said

    Numbing Creme can’t reach interior spaces before the painful tearing begins, but pain is the last reason to avoid circumcision. The main reason is that foreskin FEEL REALLY GOOD, and it’s a good thing to keep it, like most of the world does. ing

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