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Posted by isntshelovlei on March 22, 2010

Our first day in Maternity/OB clinical was pretty uneventful–almost downright boring. Part of the problem is that we have clinicals on the weekend. C-sections and inductions are not typically scheduled for weekends. So we are basically just sitting around waiting for someone to spontaneously go into labor (and with all the planned C-sections these days I’m not sure if people still do that…). There was a single postpartum mom on the entire unit. The clinical instructors had to go “find” a baby so that they could show us how to do a newborn assessment. I will admit technically it was just our hospital orientation day (which translates into boring computer training on yet another EHR system), but I was all ready to palpate some funduses (fundi?) or something. I also heard that we’re not even going to be giving meds which leaves not much else to do than a lot of patient teaching–if there’s anyone there to teach…

So although many of my fellow students are still excited about this rotation since some would like to work in maternity, I can already see it’s not my cup of tea. I need more “action”–like in an intensive care or ED environment (but real emergencies–not “my baby has hiccups”). Not that I thrive off of dire emergencies or people being critically ill/injured but when you’ll be working 12-hour shifts I’d like to be doing a little more than reading the tabloids at the nurse’s station (don’t act like you haven’t seen it). Who really cares how Kendra Wilkinson lost 10 lbs in 10 days?–she probably ran 5 miles a day on a strict diet of romaine lettuce…

Of course now I’ve totally jinxed myself and this weekend it will be on and popping (hopefully)…

3 Responses to “Zzzz…”

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  2. Christine said

    My OB experience was all kinds of busy. Loved the rush and excitement at the end. 1 was in fetal distress with a knot in the cord upon delivery, happened pretty fast, within 30 mins of getting there that day for me. The other we were catching before her name even dried on the ink board.

    So maybe you’ll get some ACTION~

    • isntshelovlei said

      I hope so! I was really looking forward to this class because almost all of the other courses emphasize the aging population (also not my cup of tea, lol). We don’t take peds until the fall and since I want to work in the NICU (I currently volunteer there as a “cuddler”), it’s really my first clinical exposure to children/babies. We’ll see!…

      Thanks for visiting!

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