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Coming Soon to a Delivery Room Near You

Posted by isntshelovlei on March 12, 2010

Like most of my classmates, I cannot wait to start Maternity/OB–or is it more that we’re eager to escape the clutches of Health Assessment? 😉 Now I’ve had three children of my own–one I was so completely epiduralized (I’m sure that’s not really a word) that I could not feel my legs; one natural, but not by choice; and one using Hypnobabies (that’s a story for another day but check it out, it really works!). So although I’m sure my husband would disagree, I personally think it’ll be quite interesting to be on the “other end” for a change.  Guess I’ll need to drag my clinical uniform and lab coat out of retirement…

In other news, I purchased my own individual malpractice insurance policy from Nurses Service Organization (NSO). It’s only $29/year for nursing students and I think it’s a pretty worthwhile investment. Sure we have malpractice coverage through the school (maybe that’s where all my tuition goes…), but I am positive that their policy covers their asses more than mine. It’s also shared between a lot of nursing students so I’m sure there’s some sort of cap per individual. And contrary to popular belief–shit happens–and yes, you can be sued as a nursing student. So don’t be sorry, be prepared.

~ Peace, love, pickles and ice cream

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