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Now Back To Your Regularly Scheduled Program…

Posted by isntshelovlei on January 31, 2010

That’s right. Winter Break (and nights that involve a solid eight hours of sleep), is officially over. Back to the grind.

This semester they’re shaking things up a bit (BIG shocker there). So instead of taking two classes simultaneously for 14 weeks, we’re taking Health Assessment for seven weeks and then Maternity/OB for 7 weeks. At first I thought it would be better to only have to concentrate on one subject of books, BUT now you have to learn everything twice as fast! So even though we’ve only had four classes so far, we’ve already had to read about 20 chapters! My brain, is so overstuffed with information, that I am starting to have dreams about Kaposi’s Sarcoma, black hairy tongues, furuncles and frickin’ cranial nerves! We had an exam last Tuesday; we have an exam this Tuesday. I have to do a genogram and health teaching project in the next two weeks. And check-offs are fast approaching at the end of February. Sheesh. Things are moving so fast I feel like a walking case of vertigo!

Clinicals are good so far. Again, it’s a lot of information being crammed into a few short weeks, but my instructor is good. She’s thorough and always willing to answer any questions you may have. My lecture instructor, on the other hand, replies to 90% of our questions with “It’s in the book.” Gee thanks. Well instead of me coming and sitting in this classroom for three hours listening to you read off the powerpoint, maybe I should just stay home and read the book. She’s nice and all, but it just feels like yet another course where I basically have to teach myself. What exactly does my $480/credit get me around here?…

Well this is going to have to be one of my shorter posts–duty (aka studying) calls!

~Peace, love, and coffee 🙂

3 Responses to “Now Back To Your Regularly Scheduled Program…”

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  2. joie9 said

    I did a genogram last year, you can look at/borrow if i can find it, cuz you know the parental unit does not like coming up off of information. i was poking and prodding to get what i had.

  3. opelikasn said

    Health Assessment over 7 weeks. That’s a horrible idea to cram material in like that but I think some schools have their hands tied in the matter of how much material they cram in a semester. Not sure if this is something that is decided on a a state or national level. Lengthening the program would make it more cost prohibitive and increase tuition which increases stress. Shortening it increases stress from lack of time to study. Either way it comes after you. Good luck. The one workaround I can think of is getting all the books before being accepted into the program and learning as much as you can beforehand which takes an enormous amount of self discipline. I wish I had done that.

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