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Who Really Gets 8 Hrs of Sleep Anyway?

Posted by isntshelovlei on September 24, 2009

3c2249779a720196It’s all true…what they say about nursing school that is. The reading is gargantuan, you’re sleep-deprived and cranky, and if I could drag an IV drip of Starbucks around with me all day I would. People take one look at me and know I’m in nursing school—there must be a certain “look” that we have. The past three weeks have been a whirlwind of trying to keep up with reading the non-sequential chapters, watching gillions of videos, practicing skills in lab, quizzes, NCLEX practice questions, drug dose calculations, and writing journal reflections (“What Is Nursing?”—are you kidding me?)—in addition to balancing the circus act that is already my life. I am a total and complete rattled mess. All in one week, I lost my wallet, car keys, and threw my iPhone 3G in the trash! My brain is absolutely overloaded—there is just no more room to store anything else. As one of my friends on Twitter @GoStudentNurse so eloquently put it—“It’s not an issue of ‘hard’ or ‘overwhelming.’ It’s stuffing 10 lbs into a 5 lbs bag.” Couldn’t have said it better myself…

So let’s see what we’ve covered so far—Patient Safety, Hygiene, Medication Administration, and Wound Care in Fundamentals; plus the history and humble beginnings of nursing in my Intro to Professional Nursing course—no, I did not know that the first nurses were prostitutes… This weekend in clinical/lab we’ll be doing catheter insertion, wound care/culture, and administering injections–into an orange no less. I wonder when we aspirate and get juice are we still supposed to inject? 😀

All in all I have to say I am developing a love/hate relationship with nursing school. When I have a clear and quiet 30 seconds (which is about all I can spare these days) I can actually sit back and think—“wow, this stuff I’m learning is really interesting and I can’t wait to actually put some of it to good use.” But when I’ve only had about four hours of sleep and am still three chapters behind in my reading, I’m running late for class/work, there’s a pile up on the expressway, and I’ve been reviewing for a lab day on hygiene only to find out it’s now on vital signs instead…I certainly do not feel any of those warm and fuzzies…

Till next time…

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